Sunday, 29 September 2019


My latest acquisition from Mutable Instruments is the Ripples filter.

Ripples unboxed.
With only one filter in my rack, it was not easy to have more than one interesting voice at a time. 
So I thought I needed another one to extend the capabilities of the synth.

Bob pushes modules around to make some room in the rack
For me Ripples has three main advantages :
  • I like the designs from Mutable Instruments;
  • it's a 4-pole 24 dB/oct filter and complements the 12dB/oct from the Doepfer DIY;
  •  it includes a VCA and it's a precious space saver in a small system like mine.

In the rack

There are 3 CV inputs : one for resonance and two for the frequency.
There are 3 filter outputs : 2-pole band-pass, 2-pole low-pass, and 4-pole low-pass.
The 4-pole low pass through the VCA is the latest output.

Getting Ripples and the Turing Machine change my initial plans a bit.
But that's the principle of having a modular synthesizer I guess.

It begins to take shape…

In the track below, hihat is white noise from the Random Module into the high-pass Doepfer fllter then on the VCA driven by the channel A of Rampage.
Kick and other percussions are from the same noise source into Ripples and on the VCA driven by channel B of Rampage.
Melodic lines are sine from Doepfer VCO into VCA driven by the envelope from Doepfer DIY, then passed through the phaser.
Sequencing wise, the first channel of the Korg SQ-1 triggers the hihats and serve as clock source for the Turing Machine.  CV out modifies the length of the rampage envelope to get longer hihats at times.
The second channel triggers kicks and other percussions.  Different percussions are obtained by modulating the frequency of Ripples.
Finally, driven by the clock from the first SQ-1 channel, Turing Machine provides gate and random notes CV (tuned by 2hp Tune) for the melodic lines.

DAW: Reaper
This is a single track from the synth plus a bit of chorus, delay and reverb.

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