Monday, 12 February 2018


One of the simplest and cheapest CV/gate step sequencer is the Korg SQ-1.

Korg SQ-1 step sequencer

Powered via USB or batteries, the small machine is able to deliver one 16 steps or two 8 steps sequences in various of ways.

There are very few settings for CV out.  The SQ-1 can play linear, minor, major or chromatic scales with a 1V, 2V or 5V ranges (in V/Oct mode) or 8V range (in V/Hz mode).

Its biggest drawback is that there is no way to choose the root note of the scale.  So it's either C major/A minor (major mode) or C minor/Eb major (minor mode).   You'll have to transpose yourself by adding voltage (83 mV per semi-tone).  Good enough for fun, maybe not suitable for a full symphony.

Otherwise it's an enjoyable machine that I bought mostly for parameter automation.

I don't have a lot to control on the synth just yet.  But it's still possible to have some fun.

In action

Here above, the SQ-1 sequences Rings in sympathetic strings mode.  The sample and hold modules gives some randomness to the position parameter.  Odd output is untreated, while the even output is connected to the phaser.  So one every two notes is treated by the phaser and mixed a bit differently for a bit of variation.  Sequence evolution is me activating and deactivating the gates.  The SQ-1 has no pattern memory whatsoever.
All is synced to the tempo of the Korg Volca Beats, responsible for the basic drum pattern.
Additional effects : TAL DUB II for the delay, NI Guitar Rig as guitar amp simulation and Thomas Mundt LoudMax.

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