Saturday, 22 February 2020

Mammouth ADSR

ADSR module
I finally decided to replace the Doepfer DIY-based module with separate elements. First, because the quality of the electronics is not up to my (modest) expectations: the oscillator is quite poor and keeps detuning, the VCA does not close completely and is influenced by the LFO, the envelope generator is not very reactive. I'll regret the filter though. Separate elements in kit will also save me some space: my realizations are not very dense.

Since I'm lucky enough to have a local producer, I went to Mammouth Boutique, in our good old town of Liège.

This ADSR module is the first module from Mammouth Machine I built.

Kit is of quality : bulk components in bags, super clear PCB indications, online manual but very well done.  Only caveat for english speaking people : manuals are in french.

The kit

Bob helps to fix the switch
The components are loose in the bags and are not identified other than by their marking, whereas other suppliers offer specific labeling.
But there is nothing wrong with that.  The information on the PCB and in the manual is very clear. A small cheat sheet comes in the kit with resistor values color coding and capacitor indications. With a little care, everything goes well. Nevertheless, I tested every resistance with an ohmmeter, but that's what my perfectionist side is all about.

The face is made of wood, laser cut. The wood is untreated, I decided to delicately apply two thin coats of transparent matte varnish to ensure a certain durability over time.


No particular remark on this kit, everything went perfectly.

[edit Feb 29, 2020] After my first tests, I noticed a residual voltage (about 60mV) after the end of the envelope.  This leaves a VCA a bit open and I could hear a faint noise.  It does not look to be problematic in real conditions though.

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