Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Venus Cloud City

I took the opportunity of August's KVR Music Cafe contest to put the last upgrade on my small modular synth to good use.

The piece combines 6 tracks, out of which 4 are from the modular.
The first part is made entirely by the modular.  Then, enter the drums, made of TR-808 samples from NI and a synth pad from Korg Wavestation softsynth.
The main melody is played by the Korg SQ-1 in random mode and relies heavily on Rings.
Winds track consists of three sounds recorded separately and stacked.  They are made thanks to a white noise source, the filter from the DIY-101 module and the phaser.
Bass drone and the other bass pattern use the Doepfer VCO and the filter.  Rampage was used as  envelope generator.  The  movements effects on the bass drone are performed thanks to TAL Filter 2, great little toy.

DAW : Reaper
Synth : Modular Synth Suitcase, Korg Legacy Collection Wavestation, NI Kontakt 808 kit
Effects : ReaEQ, ReaXComp, NI Supercharger, TAL Dub II, TAL Filter 2, TAL Chorus-60, Voxengo OldSkoolVerb, Thomas Mundt LoudMax,

Photo : HAVOC project NASA / SACD

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