Sunday, 1 March 2020

Doepfer on Acid

So now that I decided to relegate my DIY-101 module based on Doepfer DIY in a box, it is time to say farewell.  I previously wrote that I will certainly regret the filter.  This is why.

The following track is entirely based on the Doepfer DIY filter.  There is no other filter involved.  All sounds are produced by the modular, except the drum part (909 samples) and an overdub on the pads (Korg Polysix emulation).
The base of the track is made of a single PWM output from the Doepfer A-110-1 VCO, into the Doepfer DIY filter.  Each of the filter output (LP, BP, HP) is treated in a different path and recorder separately.
Low pass takes the role of the bass, band pass gives some overtone and high pass gives the high pitch percussions.

The modular synth suitcase as featured in this track

The Korg SQ-1 sequences the lot.  There is a single sequence in two modes : zip of 16 steps on intro, and bridge, 2 lines of 8 steps (one for low pass, one for high pass) for the verses and outro.  High pitched percussions are driven by the Turing Machine, hence their random aspect.  Filter frequency is driven by two envelopes and manipulated by hand as well.

Wind effects are pink noise from the Random module to Doepfer DIY filter, mixing HP and LP before going to the VCA.

Lead synth is a mix of saw and square wave from Doepfer A110-1 VCO through Doepfer DIY filter.  Portamento courtesy of Befaco Rampage.

Pads are a mix of the modular and the addition of pads from Polysix emulation from Korg Legacy Collection, with heavy use of chorus.

Drums : 909 samples in NI Kontakt 5

DAW: Reaper

Effects : TAL Dub II, TAL Chorus-60, TAL Tube, TAL Reverb II, NI SuperCharger, Thomas Mundt LoudMax

Synth in action

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