Sunday, 3 May 2020

Slew Limiter and Passive Attenuator

Next in line is a simple slew limiter associated to a passive attenuator.

Nothing fancy.  No CV control.  No choice of slope.

Finished module
When I removed my DIY-101 module, I lost the portamento on the oscillator.  Mind you, I seldom used it, because the VCO was not good enough. 
Nevertheless, it is an effect I fancy on an analog oscillator.

Bob drills the panel.
The slew limiter circuit is inspired by Yves Usson own Dual Gated Slew and the simple schematics from Synovatron.  Components value were constrained by what I had on my drawers at the time.

The attenuator is a simple passive one.

Layout and schematics

I changed the way I wired the panel.  In fact, I don't wire it anymore : pots and jacks are soldered on their own PCB, with the main board attached via spacers.  I'm not sure it spares connection wire but it is cleaner on the panel side : no more screw.  On the other hand, I have to be very accurate with my designs and my drilling.  I did three paper prototypes before finding the correct positioning of things.

Thonk proved a good resource to find the appropriate parts.


Finally, here is a small sonic example.  The effect of the slew limiter on the pitch CV of the oscillators can be heard after 16 seconds.

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