Thursday, 20 July 2017

Why in English ?

I decided to write in english, even though it is not my mother language.  So bear with me if I make grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.

Why writing in english ?

Because I want those modest words to appeal as much people as possible. 
You have to start somewhere and it's not always easy to start.  I hope to show that it's not that difficult.

Close-up of Der Muff pedal electronics from Das Musikding

Still no word on my work today, but some interesting links on DIY electronics and synthesizers :

Sonelec ( ) : Great website (en français) with lots of schematics and explanations for beginners. Very didactic.

DIY-layout ( ) : Home of a bunch of simple stripboards for guitar pedals.  A good place to start with simple things.

Yusynth ( ) :  Yves Usson's Website.  The website is both in french and in english.  Yves is a dedicated synth DIYer and participates to the development of Arturia analog synth product line.

Music From Outer Space (  ) : Great reference for DIY synth enthusiasts.  Many schematics, many tips, many tricks. 

Dintree - Synth DIY ( ) :  Nice list of DIY modules schematics along with useful technical tips.

Muff Wiggler ( ) : The reference forum for electronic music gear, with big section on synthesizers (of course).  If you don't want to be sucked in the vortex of analog synthesizer, don't go there !

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